About Shonda Renee, the "S" in AmericanSR

Shonda Renee is co-host of AmericanVoiceSR on blogtalkradio.  With help from the "R" in AmericanVoiceSR, Raphael, she's an avid twitterer and facebooker and can be liked or followed under AmericanVoiceSR.

Shonda Renee, is a typical American citizen who loves her family, life, and just being a human being. She has grown through and from adversity into a person who knows that everyone is not afforded the same opportunities in this country.  She understands that we all must play the cards that we are dealt, and feels that she has played her mediocre hand as best she could and is proud of her accomplishments thusfar.  As for most of us, herself included, she sees the social constructs that are set in place that allow the same people to be constantly dealt the same crappy hand generation after generation, while others are dealt high cards generation after generation.  Sometimes, you can make those crappy cards get you a decent home for your family, in a decent neighborhood, with a decent school, so your children can go on to live decent lives; however, the odds are not always in favor of that very meager objective for far too many.

Shonda's hope for AmericanVoiceSR is to engage likeminded and non-likeminded people from all over the world in the spirit of understanding.  She strives to educate herself on important issues in as much time as a working mother of six possibly has, so the dialog can be as rewarding for those she's engaging as it is for her.  She hopes to have a positive exchange of motivating ideas and look forward to chatting with all who stumble across this blog.

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Be good and stay well.

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